The Hillsboro-West End Neighborhood Association 
P.O. Box 120521 Nashville, Tennessee  37212

Founded in 1975, the Hillsboro-West End Neighborhood Association works to:
  • Preserve and improve the residential quality of the neighborhood
  • Provide a means by which citizens of the area may exercise greater control over the economic, governmental, environmental, and social forces that influence their ways of life.
  • Promote understanding among property owners, government, and business interests
  • Foster neighborhood identity and a sense of community 
Tell Us About Yourself and what you value in the neighborhood.
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Recent News
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Nashville Next -- Learn about how this city-wide planning affects HWEN and helps protect the future of our neighborhood!

Email List -- For updates on neighborhood news events as they are posted. Also, how to join.

Neighborhood Events include annual Carriage Tours in the Winter, Dragon Music Sundays and a Plant Swap in the Summer, Night Out Against Crime, the Dragon Parade, and others. 

The Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss neighborhood issues and plan future events. 

The Newsletter is published four times per year. It is delivered door-to-door by volunteers in the neighborhood. To volunteer, please email Mary Skinner

Crime Prevention is a concern for everyone. 

The HWEN Store has T-shirts, tote bags, hats, and other stuff with our logo. Show your neighborhood pride!

Go Green Nashville -- Check out this neighborhood program to reduce energy usage and save money on efficiency-related home upgrades.

Conservation Zoning applies to many areas of the Hillsboro-West End Neighborhood. See the boundaries of the Conservation Zoning district and learn more about design guidelines here.

Useful Links to Other Sites

Home Place: A History of the Hillsboro West End Neighborhood was published by the organization several years ago.  The book is currently out of print, but an on-line version is available.

The book is searchable in Adobe Reader or Acrobat -- use the "find" function to look for specific words or phrases


Board of Directors - Chair    Martha Stinson
Traffic and Parking

Jenny Cheng
Nora Liggett

Zoning, Codes, and other
Neighborhood Concerns
Martha Stinson
Dragon Music Sundays, Home Tour,
and other Community Events
Chris Talbott 
Environment and Beautification John Wesley Wilson 
Website / Email ListJohn TeSelle

HWEN’s 5th Annual 
Holiday Lights Carriage Tours

A festive 30-minute clip-clopping tour takes you through the best decorated historic neighborhood in the city.

Click here for more information and to reserve tickets

Winners of the 2016 Holiday Lights Decorating Contest

Judges' Choice/Best of Show
2810 Westmoreland Avenue - Mezera
Most Creative/Griswold Style
313 Fairfax Avenue - Bowers/Denson

Most Inviting Entryway
2702 Fairfax Avenue - Mead
Honorable Mentions For All Categories
2909 West Linden Avenue - Davis
2711 Westwood Avenue - Jennings
2307 Bernard Avenue - Eslick
2401 Fairfax Avenue - Douglas 
The Pickup Truck at 3401 Love Circle - Morgan
Our beloved dragon at Fannie Mae Dees Park needs restoration. Help us save this Nashville treasure!

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To suggest an event for the HWEN calendar, please email Mary Skinner
If you use Google Calendar yourself, you can add HWEN Events or Community Events to your personal calendar.  For more information on how to do this, Click Here

Neighborhood Boundaries and major streets are shown on this map. Click for a larger view.
For more detailed property information, including zoning, tax assessments, and ownership, refer to the public-access map server maintained by the Nashville Planning Commission. To access the server, click on this link: Map Server
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