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Email List Guidelines

The HWEN Email List is for non-commercial postings only.   For commerical postings, help-wanted ads, etc., please consider an ad in the Newsletter.

Postings should be relevant to residents of our neighborhood, and should be specific to Hillsboro-West End.  

Some messages about city-wide events or programs may not be approved for posting because they are not directly related to the HWEN neighborhood.  

If a posting is a benefit for a non-profit organization, please include the name of the organization in the Subject line for the email.

Postings that offer or solicit goods or services for money (other than for non-profit entities) are not permitted. 

The following are not permitted:

  • Items for sale
  • Advertisements of services (house-sitting, yard work, etc.)
  • Requests for services such as those above
  • Requests for apartments for rent

The following types of postings, because they are to benefit a non-profit or a charitable cause, would be permitted, provided that the name of the organization is listed in the subject line:

  • Announcement of a school fundraiser
  • Postings about a benefit concert
  • Postings concerning neighborhood events such as the yard sale day, Tree Day sale, and the Home Tour

Commercial items may be submitted to the Newsletter as a paid advertisement.

Items concerning a single political candidate are not permitted. Postings advertising a candidates’ forum or similar event to which all candidates are invited, and which is organized by a neutral party, are allowed.

Postings about contentious issues, written to present one point of view, are discouraged and generally will not be permitted. Notices of public meetings to discuss all sides of an issue are encouraged. The exception to this rule is in cases where the Board of Directors of HWEN has voted to take a formal position on an issue and needs to inform neighbors of that decision.

Crime reports, lost dogs, and fox sightings are always welcome!