Nashville Next

Nashville Next is a city-wide planning effort with policies that will affect HWEN.

Urgent: Help protect our neighborhood! 
Just pick ONE simple action to do during April's final review and comment period:
  1. Email your comments:
  2. Take the extremely short survey:
  3. Comment on the Growth & Preservation Map used in the plan:
  4. Attend a public comment meeting 4/18, 4/20 or 4/27. Details:
Feel free to use any of these bullet points in your comments.

Read the letter
of concerns
  1. Provides you with an "executive summary"
  2. Sent by the HWEN board 4/7/15 to the Metro Planning Department
Schedule -- See #4 above for April's public meeting schedule
  1. April - Final review and comment period
  2. June - Metro Planning Commission scheduled to vote on the plan

Nashville Next Links  -- Main Nashville Next page -- Scroll down and select the Green Hills-Midtown Community Plan to see the lack of detail about our neighborhood. NOTE: Pages 36-40 provide detail on other parts of our community! Ask for this kind of special planning for HWEN! Also: Click on "Community Character Manual" for a description of the concepts used to define what type of land use will be allowable in HWEN.

Martha Stinson,
Apr 12, 2015, 2:31 PM
John TeSelle,
Apr 12, 2015, 10:03 AM