How will we be seated?

To protect the horses and passengers, each of our carriages is limited to a maximum weight load, weight distribution, and
a set number of seats. A child under 2 may ride free and sit on an adult's lap. Each ticket provides one seat for one
average-size person. Please understand that occasionally larger groups might need to be divided among the carriages.
Our priority is to ensure that all guests in the carriage have a safe and comfortable place to sit.
Your group must be together
before we can seat anyone.
We are unable to issue refunds to guests who arrive late. No-shows will be charged full price.

Should we bring blankets?

No. It’s easiest to dress warmly, and blankets will be provided if you need them. 

Are there restrooms along the way?

Restrooms at the church are through the front door and to the left. The carriage ride lasts 30 minutes. 

Are we allowed to bring drinks with us?

No. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the carriage or the church parking lot.   Enjoy free refreshments at the church before or after your tour.

Can we change or cancel our reservation?

We try to accommodate our guests as much as possible.  We may be able to change a date or time of your ride, however, there are no refunds of tickets sold.

What about the weather?

If circumstances make streets unsafe for the horses, ticket holders will be contacted about alternate arrangements. A drizzle of rain or light snow will not automatically cancel the tours. Most of the carriages have a roof.

May we bring a pet?


Our bags?

For passengers’ comfort and for the horses, please leave large purses, diaper bags, blankets, etc. in your locked car, to

prevent extra weight and to save space.

Tips for drivers?

Appreciated but not required

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Irish Park,
Oct 11, 2015, 8:54 PM