Holiday Lights Home Decorations Contest

What makes HWEN's Holiday Lights Carriage Ride Tour so spectacular?


Call us showoffs. Call us shameless. But HWEN folks simply love to trot out our style to once a year in a display of creativity and decorating prowess.

Each and every neighbor is called on to hang one or two (or twenty!) strands of lights and decorations that will turn our historic streets into a "winter wonderland." Think smiling faces. Think sleigh bells. Think Big Foot. Think whatever flips your switch. We are just mighty proud to include every one and every house in this once-a-year event.

If you're the type to pull out all the stops (and extension cords), you just might win the HWEN Holiday Lights Decorating Contest!

So, decorate your front lawn for the holidays and turn on the lights after dark on December 7th and 8th! That’s all it takes to enter the HWEN Holiday Lights Home Decorations Contest!


When: Saturday, Dec. 7th, 5:00-9:30pm & Sunday, Dec. 8th, 4:30-9:30pm

Lights On: Both nights, from 4:30-9:30pm

Judges: a group of neutral local artists who are experts in eye appeal

Prizes: $1,000 "Backstage pass" to Nashville's top attractions & more!

Themes: Anything you want--or no theme at all!

Three categories:

Most Creative: Over-the-top, Griswold-style, the sky's the limit

Most Inviting Entryway: Make us want to come in!

Grand Prize/Best of Show: Judges' choice

But don't worry about the contest. The main thing is, don't Grinch out. GET YOUR LIGHTS ON!

Fine Print: If your home is a winner, we will contact you within a week with big congratulations! You will receive a prize, and we will ask your permission to photograph your home and feature it in HWEN promotion and newsletter.