Annual Meeting

Our organization holds an annual meeting, usually in the Fall, as a way to connect with all neighbors, bring in guest speakers, and elect board members for the next year. Our 2019 Annual Meeting was a rousing success!

At the meeting we also present two awards:

  • The Elizabeth Paris Awards are given to property owners who have made significant improvements to their property in the last year, sometimes rescuing a structure from demolition or neglect. In 2019, this was awarded to two properties, one residential and one commercial.

Congratulations to Doug Revere and son, with their historic renovations of a falling-down 1938 bungalow at 2701 Woodlawn and to Matt Kwasek, owner of 1911 21st Avenue South, occupied by First National Bank of Middle Tennessee, John Morse, Nashville Manager, who renovated a 1910 historic four-square commercial building in Hillsboro Village. Thank you for making HWEN a "Good Hood" in 2019!

  • The Betty Nixon Award recognizes exceptional initiative and achievement by a resident to improve our neighborhood for all.

Congratulations to John TeSelle, long-time HWEN resident, for winning the 2019 Betty Nixon Good Neighbor Award! John has built, managed and maintained the HWEN Listserve and website for over 15 years, as well as representing HWEN on MHZC's Consolidated Guidelines Steering Committee; Hillsboro Village's UDO Committee and numerous other services. Thank you for your tireless advocacy for our neighborhood!

Previous recipients of the Betty Nixon award:

1987 Betty Nixon

1988 Jim Summerville

1989 Tom Grooms

1990 Jan Bushing

1991 Claire Peterson

1992 Ken & Christy Dixon

1993 Percy Green

1994 Burkley Allen and Gena Delzell

1995 Mark Deutschmann

1996 Terry Kopansky

1997 Phil Ryan

1998 Bubba Singleton

1999 David Kleinfelter and Stewart Clifton

2000 Shelley Paine

2001 Gary Waddey

2002 Lynne Shaw

2003 Ginger Hausser

2004 Kim Hawkins

2005 Dawn Kirk

2006 Margaret Brennan

2007 Jane Hardy

2008 Gary Shockley

2009 Shannon Williford

2010 Nancy Fullerton

2011 Tom Cash

2012 Dragon Music Crew

2013 Martha Stinson

2014 Miriam Mimms

2015 Irish Park and Linda Bengson

2016 Michelle Panucci and Joe Rogers

2017 Jenny Cheng, Nora Liggett and Mary Skinner

2018 Jan Bushing and Martha Stinson

2019 John TeSelle